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WEWALK – the largest walking club offers diverse variety of walking groups scattered all over the state for you to have the ability to start your day with the right foot. Are you ready to go for it?

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Walking groups - the new most popular sport

Over the past years, walking groups started to gain upsurging popularity among the whole social spectrum. Although it might seem that running is the public’s favorite sort of physical activity studies indicate that it is walking that is ranked as the most common form of training. Nor surprisingly many prefer walking over another sort of fitness. Walking has many medical, physical and beneficial advantage for our health and fitness as well as low risk for injuries nor restrictions Many prefer to walk at the open air, in parks, and at the beach and thus, finds our walking groups as the perfect solution to meet their needs.

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Why WEWALK's Walking Groups?

Because We Are Near

Our unique business method allows WEWALK to be widespread everywhere, and to you to walk with us right underneath your home without needing to drive anywhere

Social Frame

At WEWALK you will find not only a variety of walking groups differ by age and physical fitness you will also have personal dietitian guidance, and a big community of people just like you. 

Healthy Lifestyle

At WEWALK you will find not only diverse walking groups scattered all over the state but also professional dietitians, tips, and advice from our trainers and large community and weekend marches

When You Will Start Walking...

You muscles will become stronger

Walking integrate all of our muscles systems. Practicing walking is a great way to work our full body’s muscles systems simultaneously in the most natural and risk-free manner

Your mood will imporove

Researchers found that half an hour of a rapid walk 3 times a week improves the mood and is similarly effective as an anti-depression and anxiety drugs

You will lose weight

Studies have proven that an hour of walking can be as efficient in burning calories and maintaining a balanced weight as running or training in the gym.

You will help your mind

Research indicated that those who practiced walking daily showed better results in neuroscientific tests and lower percentages of dementia diseases.

Your blood pressure will decrease

Studies have found that 15 minutes of daily walking decrease by 12 % the risk for high blood pressure, and 30 minutes decreases the risk by more than 30 %

The good cholesterol levels will boost

Walking boosts the desirable cholesterol in the body and simultaneously departed from the unnecessary one, which to some degree responsible for heart and cardiovascular diseases.