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Want to have your friends walking with you? WEWALK mind that you will never walk alone again! Invite your friends to walk with you and get a super valuable gift from us!

Refer a friend and get a one -month for free for each friend who signups

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מה תקבלו עבור כל חבר חדש שיצטרף בעזרתכם?

For every friend that will join WEWALK following your referral, you will get a one-month extension to your membership plan for free (corresponding to the plan bought by your friend). The offer is unlimited so you can refer as many friends as you wish! Are you a couple? You deserve a free month right upon your signup!

Only already registered WEWALK members are entitled to the mentioned offer.

You should fill the information form on this page with the details of your friend and yourself.

To receive the benefit, you must fill the form that is on this page before the participation of your friend in WEWALK’s workouts. The interest is a free one- month extension to your membership plan which corresponds to the membership plan bought by your friend. In other words, if your friend joined a “once a week workout” plan, then you will get one month of “once a week workout” plan for free. If your friend joined an unlimited plan, then you will get one month of unlimited workouts free of charge.

After your friend’s purchase of WEWALK’s membership plan, one of our representatives will contact you to inform you that you have received your one -month free bonus as promised

Isn't it better to walk together?

Researchers proved that social support assists people in starting and persisting with physical activities for a more extended period. The “social networks” we have with our friends, family, and acquaintances provide us with a sense of commitment that make us much less inclined to skip a workout.

How It Works?

At WEWALK we prioritize our client’s satisfaction level and understands that it is much more fun to train we a friend. We wish to help you sway your friends to adopt healthy habits and to embrace walking into their life as well to increase your enjoyment from the workouts. So bring your friend with you to a free workout trial and get one-month of free training.

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