At WEWALK our team of professional dietitians puts first and foremost the welfare of our trainees, while emphasizing an attentive, considering and supportive approach.

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Who We Are

Our team of dietitians is always there at your disposal, to personally guide you toward your goals.

Our Vision

We inspire to guide you toward your objectives in the most personal, practical and pleasant way possible.

Our Method

Our method includes personal guidance through the integration proper of nutrition and a regular walking group exercising.

Our Dietitions

Our team of dietitians consists of leading experts who were carefully chosen to take part in our vision. Their job is to assist you in your process toward a healthier life and better future by personally adjusting the right menu to serve your goals.

Helping you to Overcome

There could be many difficulties and temptations when observing a diet, and the chances to fall for those temptations are high. For that reason, our dedicated team is there for you to help you overcome any obstacle.

Our Team of Experts

Nobody does it better than the WEWALK team! Come and meet our dedicated team of nutrition experts and our professional methods. Here you will find the perfect combiniation between personal care and professionalism.

Mathew Krause

Clinical Dietitian 

Obesity and Overweight specialist. Lives and breathes athletics

Emily Downs

Clinical Dietitian 

B.s in biology and nutrition. Sport dietitian specialist.

Victoria Franks

Therapeutic Dietitian

Believe that proper nutrition leads to a longer and better life.