WEWALK is an innovative fitness franchisor which uses our most natural form of movement along with advanced modern technology to help communities embrace healthier habits. 


WEWALK is an international franchisor of walking groups. WEWALK creates walking groups around the world by uniting people who love to walk and encouraging them to embrace healthy habits alongside one another. 

Walking groups have many benefits, in comparison to walking alone. Groups provide people with the necessary framework to commit to an extended period of exercise, increase motivation and make the workout more enjoyable.

You can sign up for a workout trial for free on our Contact Us page or directly through our pricing page by choosing the plan that suits you best. 


WEWALK is the largest walking groups fitness chain in Israel and is rapidly expanding overseas with its revolutionary concept in the fitness and healthy lifestyle field! WEWALK operates as a franchising chain which allows you to be part of our success and to realize your dream of owning a flourishing fitness business. Our unique business model provides our franchisees with a reliable brand name, which significantly increases the client’s trust and sales. In addition, as a franchisee, you would possess our company’s full marketing support and industry guidance to ensure mutual success.

As a WEWALK franchisee, you will receive many benefits. Those include personal assistance throughout the business development phase of your franchise. In addition, while working with us, we will supply you with all of the necessary marketing tools for you to attain widespread recognition in your area while doing only what you love and what you are good at – training people. Lastly, we will also take care of what we are best at which is marketing, business management, finance, legislation, and technological systems.

In order to take part in WEWALK’s franchising opportunity and to become part of the WEWALK family, please contact us here and we will get in touch with you shortly.


There are numerous physical and mental benefits that accompany walking regularly. First amongst them is the ability to burn calories while eliminating the stress on one’s knees that come from high-intensity exercise. A mental benefit to walking is that you can engage in this activity in many different outdoor places, enabling you to maintain happiness throughout.

Walking is an easy way to lose weight due to its sustainability and widespread availability. You don’t need a gym to walk because it is easy to simply walk on the sidewalk or walk in the park. In addition, it does not feature the same amount of injuries that other exercise activities do.

The CDC recommends walking for at least 150 minutes per week, which would correlate to walking 7000 to 8000 steps each day.


The cost for joining a WeWalk group is at the discretion of the franchisee. However, due to the low fixed costs that the franchisee possesses, the monthly rate will likely be lower than the cost of joining a gym. 

There are a number of packages offered to franchisees, starting at €2980. The customized packages provide individual franchisees with the ability to choose a plan based on their own desired level of investment. Thus, franchisees will be sure to find the right package for them!

As a WeWalk franchisee, you will be able to make money by leading walking groups and conducting personal training sessions. Click here to calculate for yourself.

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