WEWALK is a global franchising chain of walking – groups. We unite walking groups all around the country allowing thousands of people to practice healthy habits and meet new friends in a supportive and pleasant environment.

Walking group have many benefits over walking alone. Groups provide us the necessary frame to commit ourselves for a more extended period, increase our motivation and turn the workout to much more enjoyable.

You can signup for a workout trial for free on our Contact Us page or directly through our Pricing page by choosing the plan that suits you the most. 

If you are not sure that walking is the right kind of sports for you, there is no need to stay doubtful. WEWALK grant you a first trail workout for free so you can come to try and to see by yourself if you like it or not – without any commitment.

Plans and Pricing Packages

We have varies pricing plans differ correspondingly to the weekly desired number of training.You can check them here.

You can end your membership with 30 days prior notice and 65$ early cancellation fee.

WEWALK’s membership plans are personal and restricted merely to yourself. You are not allowed to transfer/ pass/ give nor present your individual membership subscription to any third party.

The payment will charge ahead from the inserted credit card upon the signup to a particular plan. There will be no option to book workouts nor to participate in one before full payment.

The member won’t be granted a financial refund for missing workouts unless holding all the required conditions as detailed in the company’s refund policy statute.

Questions About Walking

In contrast to running, the injury risk in walking exercise is almost non – exist, there are less shock and trauma to the spine and skeleton and much fewer pressure on the joints and knees. At WEWALK’s walking groups, there is a professional and authorized trainer whose job is to tailor you the best physical fitness plan for your needs and goals.

There is no one concrete answer to this question, and it mainly depends on the individual’s body mass. Heavier body requires more energy to carry that extra weight and thus will burn more calories than a lighter one. However, if you want to put a number on it, researchers found that for every mile of walking men burn 62 calories with comparison to the 43 calories women burn.

Proper walking shoes are crucial for your health and comfort. This is an issue not to be taken lightly and making profound market research is absolutely essential. Right shoe absorbs the shocks instead of the spine and reduces the risks for injuries significantly. The pump must be tight but not tight enough and to hold your feet steady with enough room for your toes to move. If you walk regularly, you should fit the shoes to your most prominent walking surface. It is vital to be comfortable with your shoes when practicing walking exercises.

This is important to note that children require a different kind of physical activity than adults. Since every child evolve variously and we don’t have a way to monitor nor speculate child’s development progress, it is hard to know what kind of pressure we are allowed to enforce. Walking, which is a lighthearted and safe method of exercise, is the perfect method to introduce your children with sports and fitness with no risk of injuries from an age as young as six.

It is recommended to perform walking with correspondence to your physical fitness and endurance abilities. It is best advised to begin with 3 times a week for half an hour each workout. After a while, you can walk 4-5 times a week, but it is crucial to remember not to overload your body and rest at least once a week.

Walking Groups

No. We have many groups, which differ by participant’s age and workout intensity, from which you can choose the one, or more, that suits you most. 

Additionally to our walking groups, we offer our clients consulting services with a professional dietitian, free of charge, as a complimentary service to allow full exploitation of your process toward healthier living.

Walking is the most popular sports in the world, and it does not require any prior knowledge nor preparation. Walking is healthy and essential for the body and mind. It improves coordination, cardiovascular functions, feelings, and sleeping quality. Walking increases the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol. Thus, the risk of heart diseases and cancer diminish significantly

WEWALK offers a variety of walking groups that differ by the age, physical fitness, endurance abilities, and even the personal interest of its participants, to ensure a comfortable harmonious and integrating training environment. Our best offer is to try a few different groups to find the one that is just right for you! And remember, you always can walk within more than only one group!

Additional Questions

Our goal is to help you integrate walking into your schedule as part of your routine. Therefore, our walking groups march morning and evening in several possible hours for you to choose from.

All of WEWALK’s trainers are professional and authorized trainers who were carefully chosen after in-depth evaluation and have successfully passed our ordination course for outdoor trainers.

We believe in outdoor training, and therefore the workout takes place at the nearest park to your home, at your neighborhood, or at the closest open space so you can reach easily with no need to drive nor search for parking.

We believe it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality. Therefore, each workout last one hour and the distance covered depends merely on the group’s pace rate, ability, and will.

Walking is one of the safest physical activities you can do. Despite that, you should always be attentive to your body’s signals, not to mess with your phone while walking, drink enough water and to always wear proper shoes. WEWALK’s professional trainers are there for you to ensure that you will have a productive, enjoyable and safe walking workout.


WEWALK is the largest walking groups fitness chain in Israel and is rapidly expanding overseas with its revolutionary concept in the fitness and healthy lifestyle field! WEWALK operate as a franchising chain which allows you to be part of our success and to realize your dream to have your own flourishing fitness business. Our unique business model provides our franchisees a reliable brand name to work with which significantly increases the client’s trust and sales, as well as company’s support and guidance from the first moment in each step toward mutual success.

As WEWALK’s franchisee, you will reach rapidly to the business model upon which you have dreamed of for so much time. As our franchisee, you will have our full support and guidance through all of the processes of building your own successful fitness and healthy lifestyle business. While working with us, we will supply you with all the necessary tools and knowledge for you to run your business in the best way while doing only what you love and what you good at – which is to train people for a healthier life. We, on the other hand, will take care of what we are best at which is; marketing, business management, finance, legislation, and technological systems.

WEWALK’s franchising program suits those who have always dreamed of having their own sport and fitness business but don’t know how to do so or where to begin with. It also suits those who already have their own sports and fitness business, but they are looking to grow and expand their clientele to embrace a new form of workout and to be part of something significant and meaningful. WEWALK’s franchising plan suits those who breathe sports, value healthy nutrition and wants to be an inspiration and example for many people and to influence them to make changes in their life toward a healthier future.

At WEWALK we offer various franchising pricing plans which we suit each franchisee individually depending on his / her will and abilities and the requested area and its size. We would love to get to know you and to fit you the best pricing plan with accordance to your needs and possibilities. For more details, please write to us and we will contact you with further information shortly after.

In favor to take part in WEWALK’s franchising opportunity and to become part of our family, please contact us through here and we will get in touch with your shortly.

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We are always happy to assist you with any question or problem you may have. We are also looking forward to hearing from you about any ideas or improvements you might think of and would like to suggest.

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