About Wewalk

Get familiar with our walking- groups, methods, and goals for which we have established the WEWALK organization and the support team.


WEWALK was established in order to encourage people from all over the world to embrace walking as daily exercise activity and to dedicate themselves to healthier standards of living.our walking groups are scattered throughout the world and correspond to any age and endurance ability. We offer several plans from which you can choose the one that suits you most.

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The WEWALK Story

We are a worldwide organization with the ambition of implementing healthier habits in society. We pursue the unification of people with a shared desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Our Method

We seek to cultivate a fun, supportive and motivating workout environment. We do so by bringing together groups of members with similar characteristics and fitness levels

Our Vision

Walking in groups increases motivation and turns walking into a fun activity. It helps create friendships and thus enhance participants’ engagement for a longer period of time.


Discounted Packages

Do not make any purchase without checking our leading discounted packages on our website first. We offer attractive discounts to our club members on a vast variety of deal packages, from which they can choose the one that suits them the most.


You Can Find Us Anywehere

WEWALK creates walking communities worldwide. Our site easily enables you to be part of this community and make new friends on a worldwide scale. We invite you to find the closest WEWALK walking group to you and sign up for a free workout trial!